Okinawan Termuric Tea

I am not one who likes to rely on modern medicines to fix me.  Recently I was   diagnosed with high blood pressure, hypertension.. So, after receiving my little white pills and getting my blood pressure down to "teenager" levels, I began searching for natural solutions... I don't want to take this little white pill for too long.

Okinawan turmeric tea
Okinawan turmeric tea

I learned about a spice called Turmeric, I have seen roots at the local asian stores, but never looked further into them until now.  I learned that studies have shown that Termeric can lower blood pressure among many other health issues.  But my focus is only the blood pressure.

Upon further research, particularly how to take Turmeric, I again learned something new.  The Okinawans, known for their long life, drink Turmeric tea.


Starting today I have started to do the same, and will continue to monitor my blood pressure.  If my numbers go down, I'll talk to my doctor about taking those little white pills.

Turmeric Tea - The Secret Spice of Okinawa

The secret to living to 100? Ask a centenarian in Okinawa*. The island chain in Japan has long been the home to the highest percentage of centenarians. Their traditional, healthy lifestyle has kept them free from many of the chronic diseases of aging - cancer, stroke, Alzheimer's, heart disease - that plague the rest of the world.



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