2020 Olympics and the connection to Okinawa

2020 Olympics and the connection to Okinawa


In 2020 Japan will be host to the Olympics and Karate will be one of the new events that will be seen. The last time Japan hosted the Olympics was after WWII and Okinawa was still under U.S. Control.   Today, Okinawa is the main HUB that connects Japan to Seoul and Shanghai with numerus flights daily in and out…
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Okinawa | Welcome to Japan! | TOKYO 2020 – PRE-GAMES TRAINING CAMPS ONLINE GUIDE

Okinawa prefecture is Japan’s gateway to the South, located at the center of East Asia. It is situated a two and a half hour plane ride or less away from Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai. With approximately 60 flights a day operating between Okinawa and Tokyo, it is easy for athletes to move smoothly between sites, making Okinawa a very convenient location.


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