See Okinawan Karate utilized in MMA

It has been said that Okinawan Karate is the Original Mixed Martial art.  However, it is more of a blended martial art, the Okinawans kept their concept of short, quick powerful movements that are unique to Okinawan karate.

Okinawan Karate a well rounded, direct and very effecient combative art.  Much of what is seen used in MMA is rooted in Shorin-ryu.  Shorin-ryu is the martial art, known as Karate, taught by schools affiliated with the Shorinkan association.

Shorinkan Shorin-ryu and other Okinawan Karate are taught using an old training tool called Kata.  This video correlates the Kata Movements to their use and application in MMA.

Okinawan Karate – The Original MMA

Kata (traditional forms) are just movements of the human body. They are muscle-memory building tools used to get your body coordinated and at the same time learn movements that can be applied in a combative situation. Just like a boxer shadowboxes as a means to practice alone, a karate person practices kata.

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