Shorin-ryu Shorinkan Katas

Shorin-ryu shorinkan has many kata as it is divided up in Karate, the study of open hand combat without weapons and combat with weapons otherwise known as kobudo.

Our Karate katas consists of 15 standard katas:

  1. Naihanchi Ichidan ( Shodan )
  2. Naihanchi Nidan
  3. Naihanchi Sandan
    { At this point our students are generally ready to test for their Gold belt.
    This is the only test which is not private, and is conducted in the class.}
  4. Pinan Shodan
  5. Pinan Nidan
  6. Pinan Sandan {  Ready to test for Orange Belt }
  7. Pinan Yandan
  8. Pinan Godan
  9. Passai Sho
  10. Passai Dai { Ready to test for Green Belt }
  11. Kusanku Sho
  12. Chinto
  13. Kusanku Dai { Ready to test for Brown Belt }
  14. Gojushiho
  15. Gorin { Ready to test for Black belt }

In order to test, the student must demonstrate other techniques, not just Kata, such as kicks, punches, blocks etc.  The test also includes vocabulary and history of the system.  Aslo, as the student rises in rank, the test expands to broader deeper ideas.