Training is repetitive

Karate Training is repetitive & requires persistent dedication

Karate is Kata
Shorin-ryu Kata Training

In Karate training we strive to perfect our Kata, as this is how we improve our abilities, our skills, our focus, our timing and so much more. The study and pursuit to perfect that which can never be perfected is our goal.  We aim to perfect ourselves, but we are only human, and imperfect just as we strive to perfect our Kata knowing it shall never come to pass.

We will spend countless hours in the dojo or at home working on the entire kata, or just snipets taken from the kata.  Doing the same sequence over and over again just to perfect something as simple as the the angle of a foot.

Almost every martial art school will show videos of what they consider their best kata, but they never show you what it takes to get there.  The time spent working on the small details that exist throughout the kata, they only show the end result.

This montage shows just a small insight in to the repetive training required just to understand one move.