MMA in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach MMA?

There are a multitude of Virginia Beach MMA schools in all claiming to teach mixed martial arts. Essentially most teach only some very basic ideas, picked up from youtube or while visiting other schools.  It is rare if you ever find any MMA scho with any true limeage that spans back to when martial arts were being developed and test in real life situations.

Todays MMA schools have no foundation other than brute strength.  Foe the most part they lack any understanding of micro movements, and fundamental concepts that are key to traditional martial arts, ones over 300 years old.

It’s been my own observation that MMA is focused on offense and lacks any logical ideas of defense.

MMA, otherwise lnown as Mixed Martial Arts is a catchall marketing term used to describe a random mixture of someones ideasbof what martial arts are. Contrary, Shorin-ryu with a history of 1000+ years is a true mixed martial art that has blended elements of chineese kungfu & other systems with the indigenous fighting systems of Okinawa.  The early puoneers didnt merley ‘barrow’ from these systems theybstudied them indebth and refined.

To learn a true mixed martial art you are encouraged to find an Okinawan Karate dojo near you, one that only teaches that one system. In Virginia Beach you will find OBI Karate we can be reached at 757-499-4474