Train with wood nunchucku, not rubberized foam

Wood Nunchucku

I decided to watch a schools ‘adult’ class today, the students went straight to weapons.  Each with thier own weapon, I’ll focus on the nunchucku becuase the students were making alot of noise by slapping them against their bodies.
As I was watching students go through a Bo kata I started to hear a loud poping noise, I looked to my left on the Dojo floor and there were the students working on their nunchucku kata.  These nunchucku were made of thick foam, and the grip was as high up as you could go without physically touching the rope between the “sticks”.

With one Nunchucku in each hand they began to swing them up and down, side to side while hitting their back, sides and legs resulting in a the loud Poping noises I was hearing.  It was almost like a drum battle each one was trying to out pop the  other.

Nunchucku training requires control, what I witnessed was a lack of control. The Nunchucku is a self correctling weapon, one that lets you know quickly if you make a mistake.  This is why real schools utilize wooden nunchucku, not foam.

Parents, and anyone who is considering learning weapons, kobudo, if the school you are going to has you slapping foam nunchucku against your body turn around and go back out the door the way you came in, unless you are looking for a massage.

Sadly, in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake there are many franchise martial art schools who teach this to their students, in the martial art world these are called “McDojos”,  please before you sign up come by an authentic Okinawan Shorinkan Dojo.  In Virginia Beach you have OBI Karate school we have been teaching for 48 years in the old ways.   You can call us at 757-499-4474 or email us at