O.B.I Karate School of Virginia

We have been teaching Okinawan Martial arts sine 1968, our curriculum is based on the teachings of Sensei Shugoro Nakazato.

Karate is Kata

To study and train in Karate, you must study Kata.  Without the Kata karate can not exist.  It is through Kata that we learn to control our body, how we develop our reaction and increase our speed and fluid movement.

In our system of Kata we have 15 Kata a student must learn before testing for black belt.  Along with the Kata students must learn to kick, punch & block.  Throughout the training students will work with other students in sparring and pre-set punch and counter drills.

Shorin-Ryu Shorinkan's Katas

Shorin-ryu is an Okinawan Martial Art system that encompasses a wide range of stikes, throws, stances, grabs, blocks and much more. These concepts have been recorded and handed down to us in the form of Kata.  Shorin-ryu as taught under the Shorinkan Association has 15 open hand katas. Simply knowing the moves is just. The beginning to learning this venerable system. To delve in to Kata teaches short quick movements, deep strong and fast stances, timing and patience.

The following pages contain information regarding the 15 open hand katas that are the core of the Shorin-ryu Shorinkan system.  These 15 kata fall into one of the 7 groups listed below.

The Nihanchi Katas

The Nihanchi group of kata consists of 3 kata:
  1. Nihanchi Ichidan (Modern schools call it Shodan)
  2. Nihanchi Nidan
  3. Nihanchi Sandan

These 3 Kata contain all the core basics of the entire system, it would take a life time to perfect these 3 seemingly simple lateral ( left and right ) movement based kata.

The Pinan Katas

 Within this group of kata are found the following 5 katas.  Unlike the Nihanchi series whose movement is lateral,  these five kata go in many directions front, back, left and right.  They are, like the Nihanchi series hard strong kata.  Within this kata the student learns how to move in a Cat Stance.
  1. Pinan Shodan
  2. Pinan Nidan
  3. Pinan Sandan
  4. Pinan Yondan
  5. Pinan Godan.

The Passai Katas

Unlike the last 8 kata, The Passai series are more fluide, if you look closely you can see the Chinese kungfu influence mixed with the hard Okinawan fighing style.
  1. Passai Sho
  2. Passai Dai

The Kusanku Katas

There are only 2 Kusanku kata
  1. Kusaku SHo
  2. Kusanku Dai

These two kata continue to advance the students abilities and concepts.  They add a number different elements from arm manipulations to more complex kicks and striks.

Chinto Kata

There is only one kata called Chinto.  This is the most unique of the 15 kata, as it is obvious it deviates drastically from all the other kata.  It is the only open hand kata where the karateka will be on leg

Gojushiho Kata

Literally meaning fifty four steps, was formulated by the great Bushi Matsumurra.

GoRin Shugoro No Kata

This kata was developed by the Late Sensei Shugoro Nakazato for a demonstration at the 1996 US Olympics