Virginia Beach Karate School

You have found the oldest Virginia beach karate school, established in 1968 by Sensei Noel Smith after he returned from Okinawa.

Virginia Beach Martial arts
Virginia Beach Martial arts
Shorinkan Karate
Shorinkan Karate

Virginia beach karate school is just a few miles West of the Virginia Beach Towncenter, and East of Newtown road is where you will find O.B.I. Karate school.  In 1975 O.B.I Karate school was the first Dojo to become a member of the Shorin-ryu Shorinkan Association. We teach Karate as it was intended.

Virginia beach karate school is a traditional Okinawan Karate Dojo, unlike most other schools in the area we only teach one system, Okinawan Kobashy-te, or Shorin-ryu.  What sets us apart from the others is that we still teach it the way it was learned by Sensei Noel Smith in the 60's from Sensei Shugoro Nakazato.

Karate is a serious aspect of the Okinawans lives, 350+ years ago it could have been the difference of life or death.  To this day, it still plays a vital role on the Island of Okinawa, and this is the seriousness in which Sensei Smith learned Karate.

What is Martial Arts?

On the surface, most people think that Martial arts is all about kicking and punching.  Martial arts is really a Mental, Physical and Spirital persuit that will get you in shape, and teach you to protect yourself and others.  Karate is never about offense, it is always defense first and last.  At Virginia beach karate school this is our underlying philosophy.

What do we teach?

To learn effective Martial arts you must retrain your body through challenging workouts.  These workouts, kata, will strengthen your body, and create new muscle memory, help you lose body fat through an aerobic and anaerobic exercises, kata.

Okinawan karate teaches all the elements you would expect to find in a fighting art, strikes with the hands, elbos, knees and feet. Defensive techniques centered around blocks and parrys that take away your opponents balance.  These are the basics of Open Hand "Karate", in addition our students also learn weapons too.

We train in a system specifically for our self development and personal defense.  What we learn can be applied in competitions as well.  Once you have reached a particular point in your training, you will begin going to competitions

Kata is the corner stone of Karate, without Kata there is no Karate.  What we practice is a history of Okinawan Martial arts recorded in physical movements, expressed with explosiveness and purposful execution.  Each movement and series of movements can have multiple interpretations.  Visualization of the executing these movements while doing kata is the mental execerise, and what creates 'second nature' or muscle memory.

Kata has been handed down to us from those who came before us, and little if any has been changed in our dojo. We continue to teach the blended art of Okinawan Te and Chinese Kungfu called SHorin-ryu.